The pouches that I make and originate are from my heart. Each pouch has another meaning and will help you on your path.

dated 2016 until 2018 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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primitive necklace with ammonite fossil





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talisman / medicine bag, fish


tree of life


This necklace has a linen pendant
There is a tree embroidered of metal in bronze color and green.
With antique lace is manually painted.
  glass beads and sequins
Below is a confirmation and bead of metal also in bronze color.
The chain is metal bronze.
Beads of metal, glass, and ceramics.
linen pendant 15x11 CM You can buy this necklace:  



This Talisman is a small bag with a fossil (ammonite) on a chain.
Ammonite stands for earth healing, life force.
This talisman represents , lifecircle, release-reborn.
the chain is 89cm.
The bag is 9cm tall, 6cm wide
Red beads are made of ceramic. You can buy this necklace :    

primitive 1


This necklace has a string of leather and the whole length is 66 cm, it can shorter the knot.
The closure is a coconut button and loop.
there are vintage beaded between metal.
A bead carved from horn.
Beads of bone and one of clay. Sea urchin spine .... bottom of this ornament hangs a sea urchin spine (it's just porslein) .The spines protect the soft inside of the hedgehog. The spine is a symbol of protection for you. This jewelry is made with care and love and is unique.  

Talisman 1


necklace crocheted cotton length with metal extension stuksjes 70cm.
The wood is Norwegian driftwood which is smooth and weathered, length 10cm.
Underneath textile... wood on it attached to a shell all the metal is vintage, even the bottom of the butterfly.
The entire height of the hanger with wood is: 12cm This talisman will protect you on your life. This piece is made with care and love and is unique! You can buy this necklace on etsy: