The bags are sewing, knitted or crocheted, and decorated with beads. the bags are all made. Need more information or want to buy a bag, please contact me

dated 2015 until 2018 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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This bag is crocheted with tweed yarn.
the lining is made of cotton.
the symbol is a triskel a Celtic figure.
The decorative ribbon green, is old gobelin.
And the closure is an elastic loop with vintage button of wood.
The cord is braided cotton
This bag is strong and made with care and love. height 22 cm ...... 8.66 inch
width 18 cm ....... 7.09 inch
length of string 130 cm ...... 51.18 inch



This bag is made with  recycled materials.
The bag is lined.
It has the Japanese boro look.
Very handy to carry your mobile with you, but also for other small things.
The cord is made of wool where cotton yarn is turned around.
Height: 20 cm, width: 12 cm You can buy this pouche on Etsy:    



This piece of jewelry is made of textile and is also a bag.
It is lined inside and has a push button closure.
The big circle is crocheted.
The brooch is vintage and made of metal and red stones of glass.
The ornament is embroidered with scarves and beads.
The long chain on the left is vintage and metal.
Height: 18 cm, width: 11 cm
Carrier length: 95 cm You can buy this pouche on Etsy:

the wise owl


This bag is lined with cotton.
The crochet circle is embroidered with beads.
In the middle a heavy metal owl with pebbles (antique)
The beads are bone around the circle.
Below is a vintage necklace with metal beads.
The cord is made of cotton.
The bag closes with a magnet button.
Bag high 20 cm wide 14 cm.
Length cord 113 cm. you can buy this bag on Etsy:  



This pouch has put in a string of linen, length 92cm, can be shorter by a knot.
The wood is Norwegian driftwood, which is smooth and wear very light.
The bag itself is thick woven cotton, and is lined with cotton.
height 15cm, width 15cm.
There is embroidered with wool and cotton, and the buttons are shell. You can buy this pouch on Etsy:



the length of the shoulder strap is 112cm, cotton.
The bag is made of thick curtain fabric, olive green, lined with cotton and is felt between.
height 33cm, width 17cm top, bottom width 22cm
The closure is a magnetic closure.
There is hand-spun wool embroidered, and beads are made of wood.
brush at the bottom of suede. This bag is made with care and love and is unique. You can buy this bag on etsy